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I have listed many websites along with their links that will help the students in language arts! I have also included websites for other subject areas!

Language Arts Websites
Merriam Webster Word Central - great place to practice spelling and vocabulary
Education Place - fun reading activities
Reading Comprehension Corner - great practice for reading comprehension - more vocabulary practice
Study Island - your child has his or her password
Harcourt Website - great place to practice reading skills
Internet Dectectives - a website that contains many other websties that will help students
Sadlier-Oxford - help with vocabulary words from blue vocabulary book
Harcourt - practice reading and grammar skills
5th Grade Skill Builders - a great website to practice reading skills
Starfall - basic reading skills
Math Websites
Tons of Activities- this website has activities for each objective in the 5th grade math curriulum(there are some there for reading too)
Math Surf - practice with word problems
Math Dictionary - interactive dictionary of math terms
Mean, Median and Mode - fun ways to practice these skills
Education Place - click on 5th grade for fun activities
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives - practice using manipulatives